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LDB Manager V2.59

2014-11-11 15:23:23



LDB Manager V2.59
:: Supported devices
- iAUDIO 4/M3/U2/G3/5/X5/F1/G2/M5/U3/6/T2/F2/U5/9/9+/10
- COWON A2/A3/D2/Q5/P5/O2/S9/V5/J3/X7/3D/D3/C2/R7/Z2/A5/Q7/X9/T5/G7/M2
:: New Feauture
- Support PLENUE 1, COWON M2
:: Download
LDB Manager V2.59
:: How to use LDB Manager
- Please install LDB Manger and select the device.
- Mark lyrics by using LDB Manager program.
- Transfer the marked file to iAUDIO by using Windows Browser or JetShell
- Set 'Display -> Lyrics' ON from the menu.
- Lyrics will appear when the marked file is played.
- If you want the lyrics appear, please set OFF of Display -> Lyrics from the menu.
:: How to edit lyrics
- Select the file that you would like to edit, and press 'Edit' button.
- Enter lyrics after pressing 'new' button or press 'open' button to edit already entered lyrics.
- If you would like to edit already entered lyrics, double click the part that you want to edit.
- Once editing is done, play music by pressing '>' button on the top right or 'X' button from a keyboard.
- Synchronize lyrics and music by pressing 'Set Sync' button during playback.
- If synchronization is completed, click 'Marking' button to input this lyric to the current music file.
- Press 'Exit' button to finish the programme.
- Press 'Optioin' button for more information on keyboard shortcuts.
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