A Marvel of Sound
32bit/384kHz High Definition SoundI New Highest Performance ES9038PRO : Hyperstream II, 8-Channel Internal Quad DAC
High Quality 4.4mm Balanced OutI Ultra-Low Noise LDO PowerI SNR 128dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Balanced Out 4.05Vrms
Native DSD256I Micro Polish Alloy Metal & Carved GlassI Brass Wind Inspired DesignI High Speed 256GB Internal Memory
SoundPlus High Performance AmplifierI High Precision Dual TCXOI Independent CPLDI AI Audio
Premium Sound Digital FilterI Dual Control Wheels (Multi Wheel, Volume Wheel)I JetEffect 7 & BBE+, 66 Presets
ARM Cortex Dual-CoreI AMOLED 3.7 inch DisplayI microSD Card SlotI Optical OutI Dignis Finest Quality Leather Case
A Marvel of Sound
An Instrument, Not a Device
Equipped with the latest ultra-high-quality ES9038PRO DAC of the ESS SABRE PRO series, the PLENUE L delivers the widest sound stage and realizes every minute detail to produce the ultimate in sound. The PLENUE L comes to you with a sense of wonder, bringing with it 32bit, 384 kHz high-resolution sound as well as beauty and ruggedness reminiscent of the brass section of a classical symphony orchestra.
32bit/384kHz Native DSD256, DXD HyperStream II 8-Channel Internal Quad DAC Cutting-Edge ES9038PRO SABRE DAC
for 32bit, 384 kHz Ultra-High Resolution
As the flagship product of ESS Technology, the ES9038PRO DAC boasts the highest level of performance in the SABRE PRO series of DACs. Unlike other DACs designed specifically for mobile devices, the ES9038PRO is a high-performance DAC meeting the latest in SABRE PRO specifications and targeted toward professional recording studios, premium home theaters, and audio enthusiasts. It vividly reproduces sound closest to the original source, including 32bit, 384 kHz lossless/uncompressed and native DSD256 and DXD sources. HyperStream II &
8-Channel Internal Quad DAC
The ES9038PRO DAC incorporates the latest 32bit HyperStream® II technology from ESS, delivering the best dynamic range in the industry and a highly-pure sound by realizing an extremely-low THD+N value even at low-amplitude signals. An 8-channel internal quad-DAC separates the eight channels for precise sound control, and each channel is converted via the four internal DACs to deliver a clear, noise-canceled signal so that you can enjoy a perfect sound close to the original source.
Rich, Clear Sound via High-Quality
4.4mm Balanced Output
The 4.4mm balanced output, the new standard in high-fidelity audio, supports richer output than the conventional 3.5mm unbalanced output. Greater left-right channel separation prevents crosstalk between left and right audio signals to deliver a very clear, realistic sound without distortion or loss. Balanced output effectively blocks noise generated when signals are transmitted by adding 'out of phase' signals to unbalanced output signals. Since it transmits two types of signals simultaneously, the PLENUE L strengthens the output signal for clearer and crisper reproduction of original sound. The PLENUE L uses 4.4mm balanced output to reproduce crisp original sounds. Ultra-Low Noise LDO Power
for High-Performance Audio Systems
The PLENUE L offers high PSRR(Power Supply Rejection Ratio) performance and very low noise via an ultra-low-noise LDO(Ultra-Low Noise Low DropOut Regulator) power circuit designed for high-performance audio systems. Optimal Digital Path
for 32bit, 384 kHz via Independent CPLD
We developed an optimized digital path circuit that supports 32bit, 384 kHz sound sources and equipped the PLENUE L with an independent CPLD(Complex Programmable Logic Device), which supports fast operations and minimizes noise by optimizing bus and group unit digital signal processing.

The World's Best Audio Quality
SNR 128dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Balanced Output 4.05Vrms

The amazing specifications of the PLENUE L include SNR 128dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Stereo Crosstalk -144dB,
and Balanced Output 4.05Vrms which are the result of our decades of audio experience and passion for perfection.
The PLENUE L was created through our relentless effort to deliver perfect sound quality to listeners anytime and anywhere.

  • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
    SNR, or signal-to-noise ratio, is a measurement for indicating how much noise is mixed into an audio signal. A high SNR value means a clearer, noise-free original studio sound.
  • Stereo Crosstalk
    Stereo crosstalk indicates the degree of interference between left and right channels caused by electromagnetic induction. A low stereo crosstalk value means less inter-channel interference for a clear separation of left and right channels.
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise)
    THD+N is an indicator of signal distortion caused by various factors, including harmonics. A small THD+N value means a reduced occurrence of harmonic distortion on an audio device.
  • Dual TCXO
    The ultra high precision clock precisely matches the 44.1kHz and 48kHz series sound.
  • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
    SNR, or signal-to-noise ratio, is a measurement for indicating how much noise is mixed into an audio signal. A high SNR value means a clearer, noise-free original studio sound.
  • Stereo Crosstalk
    Stereo crosstalk indicates the degree of interference between left and right channels caused by electromagnetic induction. A low stereo crosstalk value means less inter-channel interference for a clear separation of left and right channels.
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise)
    THD+N is an indicator of signal distortion caused by various factors, including harmonics. A small THD+N value means a reduced occurrence of harmonic distortion on an audio device.
  • Dual TCXO
    The ultra high precision clock precisely matches the 44.1kHz and 48kHz series sound.
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Faithful to Original Sound
Support Native DSD up to DSD256
DSD(Direct Stream Digital) is a high quality Super Audio CD format that processes signals at 2.8224MHz per bit. The technology carries the maximum sound information possible to reproduce the delicate and crisp sound of analog. To realize the best possible sound quality, the PLENUE L reproduces DSD in Native method without PCM conversion and supports DSD256(Quad rate DSD), the highest frequency among all DSD formats.
Internal Storage 256 GB + micro SD Card Slot 256 GB 256 GB of High-Speed Storage to Tackle
All High-Quality Sound Sources
32bit HD audio files and ultra-high-quality sound formats such as DXD and DSD typically require a large amount of storage space at more than 200 MB per song. The PLENUE L provides 256 GB of high-speed storage and supports microSD cards up to 256 GB, making it ideal for storing high-quality, high-volume sound sources.
High-Gloss, High-Strength Hybrid Metal Alloy
Micro Polish Alloy Metal
The PLENUE L boasts a hybrid metal alloy body reinforced with high-strength materials and heat treatment that is precision-machined via CNC. Its high-gloss finish, a visualization of the magnificent sound of brass instruments, is realized through experts in special micro-polishing (buffing) and anodizing to match the high sound quality with equally premium materials.
SoundPlus High-Performance SoundPlus Amplifier
for Sound Perfection
One requirement for achieving perfect sound is a high-performance amplifier that is optimally compatible with high-end receivers. Texas Instruments' high-performance SoundPlus amplifier delivers high voltage while maintaining the highest level of linearity—a significant step up in audio technologies from existing versions of amplifiers. With a maximum output of 4.05Vrms, the amplifier generates powerful performance capable of driving high-end headphones with high impedance without the need for a separate headphone amplifier. Now, sophisticated and precise sound tuning makes it possible to clearly express any frequency range in combination with a variety of receivers. Dual TCXO Ultra-Precise Dual TCXO Clock
for Perfect Accuracy
44.1kHz and 48kHz sound sources, staples in the music industry, are adjusted most accurately via dual ultra-precise temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) clocks with 1.0ps of phase jitter to reproduce the most accurate sounds. High-resolution sound is perfectly and finely reproduced in every circumstance thanks to stable, error-free operation even when exposed to thermal extremes caused by prolonged device operation or temperature and voltage fluctuations in the surrounding environment.
AI Functionality for a Smarter PLENUE L To make your listening experience more comfortable and convenient, PLENUE L had to be smarter. Some songs' volume is too high or low. The PLENUE L's AI function handles these situations with ease. AI Volume continuously normalizes volume levels of sound files played more than once. You no longer have to adjust the volume of each of your songs. AI shuffle conveniently changes the playback order of songs. It even analyzes and arranges playlist positions according to your preferences. With AI JetEffect function, Cowon's sound field technology "JetEffect" automatically matches presets that are best suited to each source file. PLENUE L's AI functions automatically adjust the settings so your favorite tunes are played exactly the way you like them.

* AI Volume normalizes volume levels based on Normal Preset.
Beyond the Limits of Hearing
Premium Sound Digital Filter
The PLENUE L provides a wider variety of digital filters than ever before for fine-tuning the ES9038PRO DAC.
Extreme micro-tuning is possible via seven DAC filters (Fast Roll-Off, Linear Phase Filter I Slow Roll-Off, Linear Phase Filter I
Apodizing, Fast Roll-Off, Linear Phase Filter I Fast Roll-Off, Minimum Phase Filter I Slow Roll-Off, Minimum Phase Filter I
Hybrid, Fast Roll-Off, Minimum Phase Filter I Brickwall Filter) for realizing transient signal responses in the time domain.
This empowers listeners to tune sounds previously beyond the limits of hearing even with identical sound sources.
  • Fast Roll-Off
    Linear Phase Filter
  • Slow Roll-Off
    Linear Phase Filter
  • Apodizing, Fast Roll-Off
    Linear Phase Filter
  • Fast Roll-Off
    Minimum Phase Filter
  • Slow Roll-Off
    Minimum Phase Filter
  • Hybrid, Fast Roll-Off
    Minimum Phase Filter
  • Brickwall Filter
Dual Control Wheels,
The New Standard for Analog Wheels
We designed Dual Control Wheels that offer users a variety of experiences--the Volume Wheel for incremental adjustments to sound and the Multi Wheel that controls other analog functions. The wheels are located on the top of the device to prevent accidental adjustments during handling while allowing positive control of volume and other functions. The Multi Wheel on the left conveniently controls functions related to music listening and device operation, while the Volume Wheel on the right allows the volume to be fine-tuned (140 steps in 0.5dB increments). The PLENUE L's Dual Control Wheels are the future of analog wheels.
Tuning the Physical Limits of Space-Time
JetEffect 7 & BBE+
Speakers, headphones, and earphones tend to delay the high-frequency band more than the low-frequency band, even in original sound sources. When facing these phenomena, JetEffect 7 and BBE+ compensate the physical phase to reproduce vivid original sounds like a live performance and provide optimal HD sound via sophisticated methods and controls. View more
Extensive Codec Support from 32bit
384 kHz HD Sound to DXD and DSD256
The PLENUE L supports a variety of audio formats, from 32bit, 384 kHz lossless/uncompressed AIFF to lossless/compressed formats such as FLAC, ALAC, and APE, as well as other popular formats including WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG. Also, the device supports DXD(352.8/384kHz) and Native DSD256(11.2MHz) format to offer wide range of high quality sound formats.
  • Optical Output (S/PDIF)
  • Fast Dual Core CPU
  • Embeded Linux
  • 140 Level
    Volume Control
  • Implemented Superior Analogue Components
    and Outstanding Output Power & Optical Terminal
    PLENUE L adapted luxurious OP AMP, high performance capacitor, high precision resistance, etc., to be able to support high end headphones and earphones perfectly. Also the player supports an optical OUT to provide lossless output data with wider variety of devices and receivers. Experience the HD Sound with the Hi-Fi receivers.

    * Maximize volume in earphone mode to use earphone
    audio output as LINE-OUT.
  • Fast Dual Core CPU PLENUE L offers more fast and reliable system by implementing dual core CPU and optimizing the software. Cortex A9 1.2GHz dual core CPU, used in various smart device, is equipped in the device to maximize the booting speed and performance, to operate high definition GUI and to play the large volume sound source without any load.
  • Embedded Linux for Perfect Sound PLENUE L chose audio friendly Embedded Linux system to accomplish the perfect high quality HD Sound. COWON's Embedded Linux is proved in many audio devices over the decades. Therefore hardware is highly optimized by using the Linux system, this optimization allows the device to provide stable high quality sound system.
  • Enhancing Your PC Sound with USB DAC PLENUE L supports USB DAC Function to enable clean and sharp PC Sound. PLENUE L can be connected with PC via USB Cable and works an external DAC. Enjoy PLENUE L's evolutionary HD Sound on PC.

    * 16bit, 44.1 to 192 kHz and 24bit, 44.1 to 96 kHz output is supported when using the USB DAC feature.
    Playback may be interrupted depending on your computer's data throughput capacity.

    * Recommended OS environment is Windows 7/8 /10, in Windows XP and earlier versions
    that may not work.
  • 140 Levels of Detailed Volume Control To enjoy HD Sound delicately, PLENUE L provides 140 levels of volume control. Fine volume adjustment is possible to change 0.5dB per one level, therefore you can enjoy the music at an optimum level. Conveniently adjust the volume by turning the Volume Wheel or dragging up or down on the volume control screen.
  • 3.7" AMOLED Touch Display
  • Control Button
    Multi Button
  • Lyric Format
  • Gapless
    Remove Silence
  • Multi-Favorite
  • Intuitive GUI
    + 3.7" AMOLED Touch Display
    PLENUE L comes with a full touch screen, 3.7" AMOLED Display, and an intuitive control GUI to maximize the convenience. Touch & Drag Browsing and Equalizer setting is designed to operate with touching the display only. In addition, various playing functions are provided with physical buttons to offer the maximum comfort to users. Also various designs of Matrix Browser and Player Skins, high quality AlbumArt View, and Stereo Level Meter add a visual enjoyment as well.
  • Effortless Button Control,
    Convenient Multi Button
    Designed to deliver the utmost convenience in a portable Hi-Fi player, the PLENUE L features physical buttons for power, volume, playback, and search so operation is easy and positive, even when in a pocket. The home multi button allows quick access to playback, playlist, and settings screens.
  • Supports 5 Different Lyrics Formats Listening to music will be even more fun with support of lyrics format that incorporates a variety of information. Various information of music can be checked by 5 different lyrics formats such as LRC, LDB, Lyrics3, ID3 Tag lyrics (time information available).
  • Gapless & Remove Silence PLENUE L supports Gapless and Remove Silence functions to minimize the waiting time between the tracks. Gapless removes the gap between the tracks and is applied in all situations without any special settings. In addition, Remove Silence removes up to 500ms of silence end track and the start of the track.
  • Multi-Favorite & Searching Multi-Favorite offers the convenience of saving your favorite music in multiple playlists, which allows creating more diverse music lists depending on users' tastes. Even with a large number of music files, users can easily find and listen to the music that they want, by using the keyboard in Searching function.
Reflecting the Inspiration
Brass Wind Inspired Design
The PLENUE L's design reflects a modern interpretation of brass instruments, channeling their brilliant color and unique characteristics into an analog design concept that expresses the softness and depth of classical instruments.
A Brass Instrument
Brass Wind Inspired Design The PLENUE L's design was inspired by brass instruments. The design conveys the characteristics of brass instruments while fully retaining the identity of the PLENUE line, echoing the brilliant brass gold color and smooth surfaces. For the PLENUE L, we eliminated sharp edges and implemented an analog-inspired design to express the depth and softness of classical instruments.
Brilliant Light, Brilliant Color
Brass Gold
The PLENUE L's beautiful brass gold color is achieved through the hands of dedicated artisans similar to how brass instruments are born through numerous smelting processes. The brass gold color, with its brilliant shine yet restrained beauty, adds another layer of depth to the PLENUE L.
Handbuilt Masterpiece
Micro Polish Alloy Metal & Carved Glass
To create the luxurious, shiny appearance of the PLENUE L, each unit is worked by the hands of artisans through at least one hour of micro-polishing that demands a high level of technical prowess. A pattern of PLENUE symbols appears on the tempered glass on the rear of the device, and the surface, finely sculpted via micromachining, reflects light from each micro-groove in a dazzling display that differs depending on the viewing direction. The feast of color produced by the dispersed lights and perfect texture of solid glass provide a distinctive sense of mystique.
Dual Status Lights Two circular LED lights located underneath the Dual Control Wheels indicate the device's status more clearly than ever before. Not only do the lights indicate whether the unit is charging, buffering, or in playback mode, they also react to your input when operating the Dual Control Wheels. The Volume Wheel's white light and Multi Wheel's red light create a dynamic visual effect.
Digital & Analog Interface Album Art and Matrix Browser has high resolution graphics, also 2Ch Level Meter shows the constantly changing stereo output to express the feel of both digital and analogue. The device includes 6 different types of themes, 2 types of Level Meter skins and 2 types of Backgroung images to provide visual satisfaction. In addition, GUI design was started with the purpose that it can give users the most intuitive and easiest look. As a result, users can operate and understand it easily.
Conveying Emotion through Album Art The stimulating images of the included album art amplify the emotions behind the music.
Twenty works of art are included as album covers to heighten your music-listening experience.
Pelle Conciata al Vegetale
in Toscana
Dignis Premium Leather Case Dignis, the epitome of premium leather cases, is standard equipment on the PLENUE L. Genuine Italian Minerva leather from BADALASSI CARLO, a tannery with more than 40 years of experience. Minerva leather is carefully crafted to produce a natural luster and unique style that age only deepens. A certificate "Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana" of authenticity is included verifying that the leather was produced by a member tannery of the Italian Vera Pelle Association.