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COWON D3 Pro Firmware V6.06

2017-01-09 13:57:19



COWON D3 Pro Firmware V6.06
COWON D3 Pro firmware version 6.06 is for upgrading version of x.53/x.54/x.55.
If the version of the firmware installed on your device is lower than x.53 version,
please install the x.53 version first before upgrading to version 6.06.
Firmware version of your device can be checked at Settings > About D3 > Firmware version.
COWON D3 Firmware V x.53
Back up any important data before firmware upgrade.
If the file system is NTFS, please back up every kind of data.
After firmware upgrade go to Settings > Storage > Format internal memory > FAT32 > Delete all.
Please pull out the MicroSD card that was inserted in D3 before firmware upgrade.
Please make sure the AC adapter is connected during firmware upgrade.
Do not turn off the device before firmware upgrade is completed.
Power shortage might cause damage on the device, and the damage will not be covered by warranty.
- Fixed the initialization issue when set the date on 2017
COWON D3 Pro V6.06
Use the USB cable to connect COWON D3 to the PC.
Select Turn on USB storage to copy files between PC and D3.
Copy and paste the firmware file to the root folder of the device.
Click "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the tray at the lower right corner of your computer screen to
disconnect the device from the PC.
Select Turn off USB storage and disconnect D3 from PC.
Connect AC adaptor with your device.
Settings > About D3 > System updates, select the storage where the file is saved to start
firmware upgrade.
Upon finishing firmware upgrade, verify the installed firmware version from Settings > About D3
> Firmware version.
Firmware upgrade can also be conducted through MicroSD cards by copying firmware files to the root
folder of MicroSD and inserting the MicroSD card into COWON D3.
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