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iAUDIO 7 firmware V1.18

2009-05-29 18:17:45



iAUDIO 7 firmware V1.18

- All data in iAUDIO 7 will be deleted, so please back up your data.
- Increased support file limitation to 6000 in music browser.

- Improved playback sound quality of OGG files.

- Fixed the error that preset setting USR was displaying as VOC in previous firmware.

- Fixed the error that shuffle playback was only working within 256 files in Music Browser.

- Fixed the error that occurred while some irregular WAV files were playing.

- Fixed the error that some ID3 TAG was not displaying if the file contains only one character in ID3 TAG.

- Fixed the error that time displayed incorrect while recording.

- Fixed the error of malfunctioning when the number of recorded files is over 1000.

- Fixed the error that rewind setting value was not applied in sectional repeat playback when skip length was set by the second.

- Fixed the error that freeze up after playing some specific video files.

- Fixed the error that some specific ID3 tags were not displaying on the screen.

- Fixed some displaying error in Hebrew.

- Fixed some displaying error in German.

Please read notes before install the firmware.
1. Unzip the latest firmware provided by COWON.COM and save it in any folder. 2. Please connect the iAUDIO 7 to the USB port on the back of your computer by USB cable when you
are upgrading firmware. 3. The battery must be charged enough or full
Download the firmware to your desktop and unzip it. You will get I7_FW.BIN, I7_FO.BIN and I7_RS.BIN files.
Connect iAUDIO 7 to a PC by using a USB cable.
When connection is made, open the roof folder in iAUDIO 7. Right Click to paste I7_FW.BIN, I7_FO.BIN and I7_RS.BIN files to the root folder in iAUDIO 7.
Disconnect iAUDIO 7 from a PC and turn on the unit. iAUDIO 7 will automatically start firmware upgrade. After it is complete, it powers off.
Now turn on the unit. You can see the latest firmware on the first screen. You can check the upgraded version of firmware in information under settings menu.
You will be able to check version of firmware on settings > system > information.
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