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Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.9.0

2014-03-06 10:47:59



Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.9.0
Back up every important data in a memory card before firmware upgrade;
Save important files in the memory card in another storage device.
It is recommended to use SD Formatter 4.0 for SD/ SDHC/ SDXC to format a memory card.
If recordings are not saved, or there are errors during operation frequently,
format the memory card. AW1 can format a memory card by itself.
(Please refer to AW1 manual).
Memory cards are consumables. Regular checks and replacement are necessary.
Do not shut down a car engine or detach the power jack before AW1 completes firmware upgrade.
Upgrade AW1 with the firmware COWON Systems, Inc. provides only
- Improved function of Start Alarm
- New(Changed) Start Alarm effect sound
- Improved stability of other functions.
< What is 'Start Alarm'? >
'Start Alarm' is a function that alerts a driver 'time to drive' with a sound, "Honk Honk".
Smart Alarm senses movements of other cars ahead.
Start Alarm is activated when a driver's vehicle does not move even though other cars around left
2~3 seconds ago already, for example at a traffic light.
Smart Alarm starts sensing cars ahead approximitely a couple of seconds later from the moment
when driver's vehicle stopped at a traffic light, for example.
Smart Alarm stops sensing other cars ahead when driver's vehicle starts moving, or if it was
activated once already. Smart Alram resumes when driver's vehicle stops at a next traffic light.
'Start Alarm' is not activated when AW1 is under Parking Recording Mode, or AW1 is connected
by Wi-Fi.
The performance of 'Start Alarm' might not be good as usual during the night time or under dark
shadowy environments.
The performance of 'Start Alarm' may vary depends on the direction which AW1 sees, other
movements on the road or the brightness of surroundings.
'Start Alarm' is just an aid for driving. Please keep in mind that cautious driving is the best way
for safety.
Firmware Download
AW1 Firmware V2.9.0 Download
Tip) It is also possible to upgrade firmware wirelessly via Smart Manager
Download the latest Firmware
- Touch 'MENU' button from STORAGE tab when the phone is connected to 3G or Wi-Fi internet
Download the latest firmware
- Settings Check for firmware update

Firmware Installation on AW1
Settings Install the latest firmware on AW1(Firmware upgrade begins when AW1 restarts)
How to Install AW1 Firmware V2.9.0
Detach the power jack connected to AW1, and take out the memory card when LED indicator fades off completely
Connect the memory card to a PC using a memory card reader.
Unzip the firmware file first. After this, copy and paste all the files to the root folder of the memory card.
When files are copied, take out the memory card after conducting safely remove hardware
Insert the memory card into unplugged AW1.
Start the ignition first, and then connect a power jack to AW1. Firmware upgrade will begin. Do not turn off the ignition and keep a power jack connection during upgrade.
When upgrade completed, AW1 will be rebooted with Voice Guide, "Starting driving recording."
Please make sure to use the latest version of Smart Manager and PC Manager all the time.
Useful Programs
Memory Card Formatter - SD Formatter 4.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC
Auto Capsule AW1-AW2 PC Manager V1.2.6
Smart Manager
Language Change of Voice Guide

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