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iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.08

2012-09-12 14:52:50



iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.08
iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.08 Firmware version 1.08 will be displayed on settings > system > information, after the firmware upgrade is completed.

The battery must be fully charged before upgrading firmware.
Do not press the reset button during upgrading.
Backup any important files to your computer before upgrade.
You must upgrade the supplied firmware from COWON SYSTEMS.
If you are using Mac or Linux, please format COWON devices after upgrading firmware
to prevent system error. To make sure completing this process, check whether there is a folder
named as TCSYSDIR. It should be showed on the folder lists if the formatting process is successful.
COWON Media Center- JetAudio can easily convert or rip your files to compatible files.

Fixed the intermittent error for detecting USB connection.
Upgrade Instruction
iAUDIO 10 Installation steps You can download the latest firmware for free on FW/SW board of COWON website:
Please read notes before install the firmware.
1. Unzip the latest firmware provided by COWON.COM and save it in any folder in your PC. 2. Please connect your iAUDIO 10 directly to the USB port on your PC with the cable that provided 3. The battery must be fully charged.
After unzip the firmware file, select all files in the firmware folder and right click to copy.
Connect iAUDIO 10 to the PC by USB cable.
When connection is made, paste the firmware files to the root folder of iAUDIO 10.
Click [Safely Remove Hardware] icon in the tray at the lower right corner of your computer screen to disconnect the device from the PC.
Make sure the iAUDIO 10 is turned off and then turn on the device. iAUDIO 10 will automatically start firmware upgrade.
You will be able to check version of firmware on settings > system > information.
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