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How can I display lyrics?

2012-09-20 15:25:32



If your audio files are encoded by DRM, you are not able to mark lyrics to those files.

LDB Manager is a lyrics auto input application used in the COWON products.

COWON X9 must be connected to the Internet for this feature.

:: How to use LDB Manager

- Select the audio file that you like to get lyrics from your COWON X9.
- Click the "Mark" icon, then LDB Manager automatically marking the lyrics to the audio file.
- Set the Lyrics "ON" on your COWON X9. (Settings ->Display -> Lyrics)
- Lyrics will appear when the marking file is played on your COWON X9.
- With the lever you can come cross the windows from file info to lyric display.
- You can simply turn off the lyric feature from the menu. (Display->Lyrics->OFF)

:: Icons

1. Mark:
- You can automatically add lyrics to music source files.
- Select files from the list and click the Mark Lyrics button to add lyrics to the files. (Multiple selections are allowed)

2. Search:
- Manually adding lyrics to music source files.
- Select a file from the list and click the Search Lyrics button.
  Then select the desired lyrics from the lyrics search window.

3. Remove:
- Delete lyrics from music source files.
- Select a file from the list and click the Delete Lyrics button to delete lyrics from the file.
4. Edit: to create your own lyric
- Select file that you like to edit, then press 'Edit' button.
- You can enter lyric through 'new' button or use 'open' button for edit existing lyric.
- If you like to edit exist lyric, and then double click the part that you want to edit.
- Once that editing is completed, play the music through '>' button or 'X' button from keyboard.
- Matching with lyric and music through 'Set Sync' button while music is playing.
- If all the process is completed, then click "Mark" button to write this lyric to current file.
- You can exit through 'Exit' button.
- You can get more information about the keyboard through 'Option' button and you can edit it as well.

5. Refresh
- Refresh list.

Thank you.

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