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I can not set the Parking Mode.

2017-09-04 14:21:08



Parking mode voltage can be set through the Smart Manager and the PC Manager.

* Smart Manager (supported by Android and iOS)
Go to Settings Recording Set voltage

* PC Manager (for Windows PC)
1. Remove the memory card from your product.
2. Insert the memory card into a card reader and then connect the card reader to your computer.
3. Launch the PC Manager program and click the Settings icon in the upper-left corner.
4. Go to Front camera settings   Recording Settings Parking Recording Parking Voltage (Set the voltage value)

- Set the voltage value lower if the device goes into parking mode recording while driving.
- Set the voltage value higher if the device does not automatically go into parking mode recording while parked.

The lower the pre-set auto shutdown voltage value, the greater the risk of battery discharge; the higher the pre-set auto shutdown voltage value, the more effective it is for preventing battery discharge. Set the voltage value to suit your vehicle battery condition before use.

In the ordinary recording status, the front and rear view cameras are synchronized by the front view camera setting.
If one of the cameras stops recording due to high temperature protection or safe removal of memory card, then the other camera autonomously runs by its own setting.

- Items like file name, recording file save cycle, parking voltage, and termination voltage are determined by the front view camera setting.
- Wi-Fi On/Off, Remote Monitoring On/Off, and Sound Recording by Button On/Off are always applied to both the front and rear View cameras.
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