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I can not set the Parking Mode.

2017-09-04 14:05:03



Parking mode voltage can be set through the Smart Manager and the PC Manager.

* Smart Manager (supported by Android and iOS)
Go to Settings Recording Set voltage

* PC Manager (for Windows PC)
1. Remove the memory card from your product.
2. Insert the memory card into a card reader and then connect the card reader to your computer.
3. Launch the PC Manager program and click the Settings icon in the upper-left corner.
4. Go to Settings   Recording Settings Parking Recording Parking Voltage (Set the voltage value)

- Set the voltage value lower if the device goes into parking mode recording while driving.
- Set the voltage value higher if the device does not automatically go into parking mode recording while parked.

The lower the pre-set auto shutdown voltage value, the greater the risk of battery discharge; the higher the pre-set auto shutdown voltage value, the more effective it is for preventing battery discharge. Set the voltage value to suit your vehicle battery condition before use.
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