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COWON, selected as the No. 1 Global Brand by Japan Management Association Consultants in 2011

2011-04-12 13:57:13



April 4, 2011, Seoul – COWON Systems (CEO Nam-kyu Park, announced on April 4 that it was awarded first place for the PMP category ‘2011 Global & Great Brand Competency Index’ hosted by the Japan Management Association Consultants.

The GBCI is reviewed each year by Japan Management Association Consultants to provide more accurate brand information to consumers and support strategic brand business administration to secure competitiveness of companies. A team of global expert judges conduct the review, and consumers were surveyed to select the company in the Korean industry that has the number one core global brand capacity, according to each category. The GBCI is based on evaluation of awareness, association, recognized quality and market facts, and COWON was selected as the number one PMP company after being evaluated as the company with the best brand capacity in all categories. The company has strongly positioned itself as a global brand that is leading the PMP market, receiving an award for two consecutive years after being awarded for the number one Global Customer Satisfaction Index in 2010.

It appears as if COWON was able to receive such high evaluations for the brand capacity review because it not only continuously developed a premium brand image based on its technological power that has led the digital multimedia industry, product planning ability that is one step ahead of the market, and customer service that pursues customer satisfaction, but also because of the high quality of the products which are always reviewed well by both domestic and international experts. Ever since launching the first domestic PMP with a wide LCD in 2005 until the launch of the HD premium PMP ‘COWON V5’ series that largely contributed to the biggest sales since the founding of the company, COWON has continued to lead the domestic PMP market and is firmly guarding its position as a leading company since two years ago when it reached a dominant market share of around 70 percent.

COWON PMP is also receiving good reviews overseas. The ‘COWON V5 HD’ was selected as the Product of the Year in Russia in 2010, and as the Best Product at the biggest Japanese price comparing website Having been awarded a prize at one of the three major international design awards, the ‘2010 Red Dot Design Awards’, it has been evaluated well both in terms of product performance and design.

COWON CEO Nam-kyu Park said, “I am very pleased we were selected as number one for two years in a row by a brand review hosted in Japan, a country known for strict product evaluations,” and revealed, “In the future, we will release android-based products and steadily release a variety of attractive PMP products to continue to lead the domestic and international markets.”
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